Our Approach

Latis Homes is a new home builder focused on creating communities that are designed and built to promote sustainable living.

Our aim is to address the challenges of modern living, affordability, and energy efficiency in UK housing through innovative design, cutting-edge construction and craftsmanship. At the heart of our approach is the commitment to building low carbon lifetime homes that help preserve our planet, while at the same time growing strong communities around them. For us, that’s what sustainability is about.

Beautifully efficient to live in

At Latis Homes we believe that design creates value that matters and that technology is the future of energy efficient construction. So we combine exceptional attention to design, craftsmanship and modern construction techniques to make our homes. And although we build homes on a large scale, we never lose sight of the fact that each home will become the centre of an individual family life. Latis homes are built to be beautiful, built for energy efficient living and built to last.

From concept to the front door and everything in between

We combine five skill sets in-house: Concept making, design development, investment, land acquisition and building to make our innovative homes. This allows us to create new value through a coordinated yet purposefully organic creative process.

A strong belief in collaboration

We know that by carefully combining technologies, skills and partners, we can assemble high performance homes that are reliable. That's why we are currently working with industry leaders such as Kingspan, Philips, Roca and Velfac, collaborating with their design teams to develop products that push the boundaries of house building.

Ideas and solutions with impact

We are part of Latis, a company that delivers ideas within the built environment that have the potential to improve people’s lives through positive environmental and social change. Latis identifies current global challenges and creates scalable, commercial vehicles that bring meaningful solutions to life.

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