We combine the fundamental design elements of space, light and detail to create positive living environments that truly feel like home.

Strong design values lie at the heart of our approach to house building. Long before the foundations are laid, careful thought has gone into every element of the home to ensure everything works beautifully together. Some of these details are so small they may go completely unnoticed, but for us, the overall effect creates one of the most important feelings in a home: comfort.

The feeling of space

We focus on creating flexible spaces that have a positive, open and airy feel, finding the right balance of proportions and making harmonious relationships to the surroundings, and environment beyond.

Light and air

The beauty of natural light and the flow of fresh air simply cannot be replicated artificially. It has to be the real thing. That’s why our homes are sculpted to make the most of these elements.

Detail, craftsmanship and more detail

We combine our appreciation of space and context with a precise attention to detail throughout the entire process of making. It's there when we design how the houses are built, there when we select the right materials and technologies, and there when we assemble everything to create buildings that last.

The right materials

We use sustainable materials that have been carefully selected to give a beautiful finish. Which means a Latis home is not just built or assembled, it is crafted. An integral part of that craft comes from the precise choice of materials that turn the individual elements of the house into a building that people are proud to call home. We focus on detail, ensuring that every material we use strikes the perfect balance of texture, warmth and robust reliability.

Putting it all together

Every individual choice about materials and technology is an important one, but the true value comes when they are combined. Together, these separate elements then become far more than the sum of their parts, creating a living space that has been curated by Latis, but designed for your life.

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