We build green homes for sustainable communities, using design processes that respect the environment and create buildings that last a lifetime

Sustainability is not simply about using recycled materials and energy efficient light bulbs. It means creating a long lasting home that along with a minimal carbon footprint, also allows the whole neighbourhood, and the wider world, to live a truly sustainable life.

Longevity and quality

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to building homes that are made to last. In an era of disposable products and short-term solutions, we want to push the other way. Homes that last a lifetime create strong communities around them, and ultimately, that is what sustainability is about.

The bigger picture

Around 30 per cent of all energy consumed on the planet is used by housing, but by building low-carbon homes, we have the potential to more than halve that figure. Latis homes are sustainable because they offer people a better way to live that protects the planet for future generations, while at the same time helping them save money through reduced energy and maintenance bills.

Technology for living

We integrate practical and user-friendly technology into our homes that help people live more sustainable lives. That’s because we believe technology is the future of construction. However, new technology is worthless without practicality. A Latis home does not come with gadgets purely for novelty's sake. Instead, we choose technology that integrates into day-to-day life. It often blends into the fabric of the building unnoticed, but has a dramatic impact on comfort, energy efficiency, and most importantly, the homeowner’s awareness of how they can live a more eco-friendly life.

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