How we live is changing

Possession is not as important as it once was

By switching from owning objects to accessing services, we gain a wealth of choice and flexibility never before possible. Thanks to advances in tech this seismic shift continues to revolutionise many areas of society. From streaming our favourite songs instead of owning music files, to getting around the city with a tap on our phone, in favour of owning a car. These transformations empower us with the freedom to live a life that is on our terms.

We believe where we call home will also benefit from a similar shift. Traditionally the main argument for house ownership is that owning your home is an investment. With no guarantee that house prices will continue to rise this is simply not the case. This doesn’t take into account the maintenance fees for when things inevitably go wrong, or are due an upgrade.

Fortune favours the agile

The rental model keeps life agile as you are free to move when your situation changes. Whether that’s for a dream job in a new city, or the opportunity to travel the world. In contrast, by owning a property with a mortgage you are tied to a location for the long term.

Unfortunately the current rental system, as we are all too aware, is fundamentally flawed by bad landlords and properties not built for purpose. This has been worsened by a property price fuelled housing crisis. The result is that people are increasingly unable to afford deposits, leaving them with no option but to rent, often in poor conditions. A fact particularly true for the younger generations. 35% of 25–36 year olds were renting in 2017

Change is coming and through our new communities we aim to revolutionise the world of renting so that it is easier, friendlier and simpler.