About us

Latis was founded to create a world where everyone can flourish at home. To achieve that mission, our team unites expertise in placemaking, property development, technology-led innovation and sustainability. We design and develop places that support healthy, happy living, where people can reconnect to the land, their neighbours and a real sense of community.



Latis is established with the aim of creating sustainable homes that are beautifully designed.


We combine all of our experience in to one fully integrated platform – bringing better living and sustainability to more people.

Our mission is guided with a focus on People, Planet, Design



"The sense of belonging that we aim to nurture within our neighbourhoods must first be found in our internal culture. This is why, at Latis, we're proud of fostering a working environment that empowers everyone to be their best selves, to think differently and have some fun along the way."

— Ivy Amissah, HR Assistant


"We are committed to delivering housing that has minimal impact on the planet – a force for good – and at the same time providing the highest quality designs that everyone can enjoy."

— Michael Macias, Head of Design and Sustainability


"We spend a lot of our time in the built environment, and it's a known fact that design has an impact on quality of life. From the bigger picture right down to the details, we are investing time in a thorough, hyper-local design process that raises the bar."

— Christian Lienau, Architectural Designer

Latis was built from the ground up with sustainability as a fundamental driver behind everything we do. We align our operations with our own ESG criteria and expand on these with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These ensure we deliver truly sustainable communities as well as function as a sustainable company internally.

Together we can achieve extraordinary things

Latis are collaborating with best-in-class partners to implement delivery and technology solutions that have the potential to improve people’s lives and transform the way in which we live. If you share our values and have a skill that can help further our mission – whether that’s accountancy or vertical farming – we’d love to hear from you.