Beautifully designed for modern living

Bright and spacious

We combine the best of traditional and modern design to bring you homes that are beautiful, bright, open and spacious. Fitted with modern sustainable features such as solar PVs, energy saving utilities and low VOC materials, we can guarantee comfort and enjoyment.

WFH enabled

We have designed our homes with working from home in mind. As the nature of work is changing, so are our homes to provide adequate space to live and work from home, without compromising comfort.


Reducing your impact (and your bills)

Renewable energy powers all homes

Water is supplied from precipitation or other natural closed loop systems

Materials are natural, low in VOCs and fully traceable from source to home

Delightfully local

Using a revolutionary new platform for delivery, we create housetypes that have the ability to respond to the local vernacular. This approach can be scaled with accuracy – bringing beautifully designed homes to more people.